Native Phonetic Inventory: ndebele

These are the sounds found in most native ndebele dialects: There are also sounds not on the chart, shown below.

other sounds: voiceless stops are either ejective or aspirated; voiceless affricates are ejective (with the exception of the postalveolar affricate /t /, which has ejective and radical counterparts); affricates: voiced and voiceless denti-labial, alveolar, alveolar lateral and postalveolar, all of which are pre-nasalized (with the exception of the alveolar and postalveolars, which have pre-nasalized and non-pre-nasalized counterparts); voiced stops have pre-nasalized and non-prenasalized counterparts; labio-velar approximant [w]; implosive bilabial stop; alveolar trill found in imported words; dental, postalveolar lateral clicks can be radical, aspirated, voiced, pre-nasalized or nasal .

Adapted from: Doke, C. (1954).